DSpace is an out-of-the-box open source repository application for delivering digital content to end-users. There are over 2000 digital repositories using DSpace software. Globally it is the most widely used open source repository software for institutional and open access repositories. DSpace has been installed all over the world by organizations, especially libraries, as a way to provide access to research output, scholarly publications, library collections, and more.

The DSpace application has many features and tools for managing digital content and enabling digital preservation. DSpace stores any type of content and offers built-in workflows for content submission and review. Organizations can easily make their digital collections available on the Web using DSpace's customizable end user interfaces along with many community-developed features and utilities.

DSpaceDirect is a hosted service of DSpace repository software, which provides organizations a way to store, organize, and manage any content or file type in a cloud environment. Content can be easily managed and searched by end users. For more information visit dspacedirect.org.

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