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Boosting Repository Functionality with Widgets

Plymouth, UK ICO3 Limited is a web technology company funded by JISC to develop a JISC Repository Aggregator demonstration web site that would enable users to search for, organize and submit information about a range of relevant repository information. As part of building that capacity ICO3 is testing a suite of repository web widgets.
Widgets are web versions of handy gadgets, like, for example, the Hello Kitty emergency gadget that rolls a hand crank USB cell phone charger, LED flashlight, AM/FM radio, hazard siren, and compass into a branded pink kitty package.
The online equivalent of a gadget is a widget which is a pluggable chunk of code that can be added to any HTML-based web page (not necessarily available in pink). Many types of open source web widgets that perform multiple functions are freely available on line and are designed to add value to existing web services. The ICO3 web widgets are designed to be used with Netvibes and iGoogle and present information from existing repository-related information services such Sherpa Romeo, ROAR, OpenDOAR and Sword.
Users may embed the ICO3 widgets as active environments in their own websites to improve workflow as well as sorting, editing, and deleting them in a widgets style environment to create a personalized “universe” of repository sources.
You may see the ICO3 widgets in action here: and download them here: IOC3 would like to hear from users on the following four questions:
1) Do you understand what widgets are?
2) Can you see how they can be used for your own work?
3) What widgets did you find particularly useful for repositories?
4) Are there any other sources of information which could be made
available as a widget?
More information and links to the ICO3 repository widgets can be found here. Contact David Gadd, Project Leader, ICO3, with questions.

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2008-10-31 12:10