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Mulgara 2.0.0 Release Now Available

The Mulgara development community is pleased to announce the release of Mulgara v2.0.0. Mulagara software is a scalable RDF database written entirely in Java.
Mulgara can be downloaded from the project website at:
This release marks the end of the development process that occurred through v2.0.0-alpha and v2.0.0-beta. Version 2.0.0 introduces:
-SPARQL querying.
-A new Connection API.
-Significantly better standards compliance with RDF.
-Arbitrary URIs for graph names.
-Default resolver graphs for extra built-in functionality.
A number of significant stability and performance problems have also been addressed. For details please see the release notes at:

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2008-07-24 15:07