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Controversy at the Fringe!

Edinburgh, Scotland On Behalf of the organizing committee of the Edinburgh Repository Fringe ( Les Carr and Theo Andrew, Repository Fringe Co-chairs, have announced two compelling keynote speakers who promise to challenge the community and stimulate discussion and directions for the future.
The Edinburgh Repostiory Fringe will be held during the “Preview Week” of the well-known  Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 3-25, 2008. Many of the festival’s two thousand comedy, theatre, music, opera and dance shows begin month-long runs with tickets at half price. All repository researchers, managers, administrators and developers are invited to come and join in Edinburgh’s newest and entirely unofficial festival!
The Edinburgh Repository Fringe opening keynote entitled “Le IR, c’est mort. Vive le IR!’ will be given by Dorothea Salo. Professor David De Roure will give the closing plenary: “How Repositories can avoid Failing like the Grid.”
Dorothea Salo is an experienced repository administrator who understands that the job is not easy and that repository software has to take its share of the blame. We hope that her call for “serious reconsideration of repository missions, goals and means” will open the fringe agenda as we mean to go on—with a message to get repositories in touch with the needs and realities of academic life on both sides of the ingest interface!
Professor David De Roure is a leading e-Science and Semantic Web researcher who has been using technology to enable new research in multiple disciplines. His experience of the technologies and communities delivering Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and the Grid gives him a unique perspective on what developments have been effective, and what have resulted in stagnant and obscure systems.
For further information, please see the Repository Fringe web site ( and the Repository Fringe Wiki (

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