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Fedora-powered “University Converged Newsroom”

Los Angeles, CA Florencio Almirol has an interest in how university news is managed and propagated. Almirol, a graduate student at California State University Los Angeles, heads up a student team that is prototyping the CoolStateLA Enterprise System. The project is led by Professor Jon Beaupre, Professor of Broadcast Journalism in the department of Communication Studies, and Professor Russ Abbott, computer science technical advisor. CoolStateLA is aimed at creating a “converged newsroom” that combines the ability to create, manage, review, and store content that will be simultaneously available to university media outlets - a newspaper; a web site; a blog facility; RSS news feed filter; text feeds to create email alerts; news webcasts; and Internet radio. CoolStateLA is a one-stop shop for getting the word out on campus and beyond. Almirol says, “Fedora’s content model architecture coupled with versioning capabilities made it ideal for pulling in and pushing out different types of media.”
The system combines a workflow application specifically purposed for communications activities in a typical university news bureau that includes roles for a programmer, news director, senior editor, assignment editor, reporter/producer, and correspondent. Joomla, an open source content management system, was chosen because it is used by newspapers and has a customizable framework. Fedora is the asset manager component and serves as the integration point for all content flowing in and out of the system.
CoolStateLA team members are Farrukh Shakil - Fedora integration; Dhaval Joshi - Joomla; Mark Luntzel - RSS Feed Filter; Manoj Katwal - User Interface, and; Sepideh Nazari - Workflow. For more information contact Florencio Almirol.

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2008-02-27 16:00