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DuraSpace Releases Openness Policy

Austin, TX  This week DuraSpace released an Openness Policy developed in collaboration with community stakeholders. DuraSpace is open in the ways that “open” can be defined related to a community-supported open source software development process—collaboration, partnerships, governance, communications, business practices and surfacing new ideas. 

From the policy: “We believe that the tools needed to preserve the world’s cultural heritage and academic record are most effectively created and maintained through a community-supported open source software development process. The community that supports this work is most often comprised of not-for-profit libraries, museums, archives, and research organizations. We promote and champion traditional open source principles such as those practiced by the Apache Software Foundation ( They are modified to accommodate and leverage the organizational dynamics and business interests of the mission-aligned communities that create and sustain the software. These practices have resulted in successful community-led software development projects over the past two decades. Organizations participating in these projects contribute to their growth financially and with the in-kind effort of developers, managers, designers, technical writers, trainers, etc.”
Read the full DuraSpace Openness Policy here.  Please send comments, feedback or questions to Debra Hanken Kurtz <> or <Jonathan Markow <>.

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on Thu, 2016-06-23 13:21