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By Heather Joseph, Executive Director, and Jennifer McLennan
Director of Communications, SPARC

Washington, DC The White House needs to hear from you! As part of the Request for Information issued two weeks ago, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is inviting your contributions to an online discussion on the “Features and Technology” required to implement “public access to archived publications resulting from research funded by federal science and technology agencies.”

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21 15:33

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Due to a regression bug that was introduced with some of the recent optimizations, Mulgara 2.1.6 is being released ahead of schedule. Mulgara can be downloaded from:
The changes in this release are:
• Nested OPTIONAL operations have been fixed. These were being mangled in 2.1.5.
• New functions extensions are available, bringing Mulgara in line

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21 12:54

San Mateo, CA There are 10,000 public ontologies available to help make meaning around disciplinary concepts in almost every field. If you would like to learn more about semantics as they relate to the structure of your digital information you may want to participate in an open dialog in Ontology at the Ontolog Forum

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-17 13:49

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Paul Gearon, Technical Lead and Developer, DuraSpace, has announced the release of Mulgara 2.1.5—a scalable semantic database written entirely in Java. Download Mulgara from:
Some of the improvements in this release include:
• Results are no longer distinct by default, thereby following SPARQL requirements. TQL also has a new NONDISTINCT keyword.
• UNION operations are significantly optimized for results with duplicates.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-11 17:26

By Brett Bobley, Chief Information Officer, Director, Office of Digital Humanities ( National Endowment for the Humanities

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-11 13:21

By Chris Awre, Head of Information Management Academic Services, University of Hull
Oxford, UK The Fedora UK & Ireland and EU User Groups held their first formal joint meeting at the University of Oxford on December 8, 2009. The day provided a good opportunity to share experiences and ideas, and was focused around two themes of current interest.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-09 15:03

Stuart Lewis, DSpace 1.6 Community Release Manager, announced that the week-long DSpace 1.6 testathon ‘The Big Bug Hunt’ is underway. So far  9 bugs, ranging from inconsistencies in the documentation, bugs in the jspui and xmlui, and suggestions for improvements to email notifications have been reported. The more that are gathered, the better DSpace 1.6 will be.
Please join in with the testathon…
WHO: You! Everyone is invited to take part, and we’ve make it as easy as possible for you to have access to a DSpace 1.6 test system.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-08 11:25

Ithaca NY, Boston, MA Kai Strnad, Fedora Commons 3.3 Community Release Manager, announced the code freeze for Fedora Commons 3.3 on December 7, 2009. The community is invited and encouraged to visit the Community Contributors page ( to find out how to help out with a particular known issue, or any other issue you would like to see see addressed.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-08 11:15

This announcement is forwarded from David Ruddy, Director, E-Publishing Technologies, Division of Library Information Technologies, Cornell University Library (CUL).

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-12-03 11:36

By Valorie Hollister, Director of Community Development and Director of the DSpace Project, DuraSpace
Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA Tim Donohue officially joined the DuraSpace organization as Technical Lead for the DSpace Project this month. Tim’s focus is to provide guidance and leadership to the DSpace Committers and code contributors as they plan, develop, test and release future versions of DSpace.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-11-30 15:05