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The first Fedora EU User Group meeting will be held in conjunction with the ECDL conference in Arhus, Denmark on September 19, 2008.
Highlights of the all-day meeting include a talk by Sandy Payette, Executive Director of Fedora Commons, and an early morning session for Fedora newbies, to help them with setting up and running Fedora. If you have an interesting Fedora-based project, we have some time slots available for short(!) presentations.

Submitted by Anonymous on September 9, 2008

This update release addresses an issue that appeared in 2.0.4 when building from source on Windows. A new default configuration file for mulgara-core is included allowing it to start a basic server without any manual configuration.

  • Removed a symlink that documented javacc as version 4.0. A poorly written task was trying to pick up this link as a real file, which doesn’t work on Windows.
  • Fixed the namespace map in the RDF/XML writer so it can’t accidentally use a generated URI in an export.


Submitted by Anonymous on September 8, 2008

Ithaca, NY Today Fedora Commons released version 3.0 of the popular Fedora software that completes all general release features.

Submitted by Anonymous on September 5, 2008

On September 10, 2008 The DSpace Foundation announced the release of DSpace version 1.5.1. This release contains numerous bug fixes from the 1.5.0 release as well as some enhancements. For more details on the release, click here.

Submitted by Anonymous on September 4, 2008

By Thornton Staples Developing community activities around Fedora Commons’ priority areas is one of our central functions as an organization. We are well placed to organize communities for development in a variety of areas, especially including development of the core software and application development in a variety of solution areas that have a natural affinity with Fedora. Other community activities could include such things as standards development, issue advocacy or simple information sharing in a particular area.

Submitted by Anonymous on September 3, 2008

By Thornton Staples With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the WGBH Media Library and Archives has embarked on a 20-month project that will (1) utilize scholarly input to design and pilot an online media archive content delivery system for research and classroom use, and (2) construct a preliminary business plan with the aid of a business consultant.

Submitted by Anonymous on September 3, 2008

The CRL Global Resources Network (GRN) and the New York Public Library are co-sponsoring a forum on “electronic media and the preservation of news.” The forum is open to members of CRL/GRN, the research community, the news media, publishers and other information providers. Conference details and registration are available here. Attendance for CRL members is gratis, but advance registration is still required.

Submitted by Anonymous on September 3, 2008

Repository managers and developers who maintain large collections of digital objects over time who will be attending the Aarhus Fedora EU User Group Meeting will be interested in a BOF discussion scheduled for Sep 18, 2008 right after the DORSDL2 Workshop at ECDL 2008 (Aarhus, Denmark), or later in the evening (exact time to be announced).

Submitted by Anonymous on September 2, 2008

By Dan Davis Fedora 3.0 was released at the end of July closely followed by a maintenance update of Fedora 2.2.3. Our next efforts focus on three fronts: (1) improving Fedora Common’s software, (2) dramatically increasing support for light-weight Web applications and (3) building an open source software development community. Not surprisingly all three of these fronts provide opportunities for cross fertilization.

Submitted by Anonymous on September 2, 2008

What do attendees learn at a “Repository Institute?” Matt Zumwalt, Media Shelf, reflected on presentations and discussions at the recent Red Island Repository Institute held at the University of Prince Edward Island Aug. 11-15, 2008 in his Media Shelf Blog:

Submitted by Anonymous on August 29, 2008