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Barrie Hayes

Barrie Hayes is the Library Liaison for Bioinformatics and Translational Science and the Health and Natural Sciences Team Coordinator in the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She helped establish the UNC Libraries Data Management Committee and has served as one of its co-chairs since 2009.†This committee has been working with campus partners to benchmark data management practices on campus, assist researchers in formulating their data management plans for grant proposals, and provide resources to educate researchers about data management best practices.

Michele Hayslett

Michele Hayslett is the Librarian for Numeric Data Services and Data Management (in the social sciences) in Davis Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She has been one of the co-chairs of the Data Management Committee since 2009.  This committee has been working with campus partners to benchmark data management practices on campus, assist researchers in formulating their data management plans for grant proposals, and provide resources to educate researchers about data management best practices.

Patricia Hswe

Patricia Hswe is Digital Content Strategist and Head, ScholarSphere User Services, at the Penn State University Libraries. Her work is largely about making digital content and data discoverable, accessible, and usable over time, for as long as these materials are useful – toward the related goals of repurposing them and adding value to the Libraries’ collections and data sets. She also co-leads the department of Publishing and Curation Services, in the Division of Research and Scholarly Communications at the Libraries. Key responsibilities include assisting faculty and students in the curation of their research data and other scholarly materials; and building a program of support and services for digital scholarship, including the digital humanities. A former CLIR Post-Doctoral Fellow and a 2008 graduate of the Master’s degree program at the University of Illinois’ Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Patricia also holds a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures from Yale.

Daureen Nesdill

Daureen Nesdill’s experience working in both medical and ecological research and her interest in data management led to her being named the Data Curation Librarian at the J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah. In this role, she led a task force investigating the services and resources necessary for the libraries to develop a data management program.  During this same time Daureen organized a symposium on cyberinfrast

Mike Furlough

Advising Faculty

Mike Furlough is Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communications at Penn State University Libraries, which he joined in 2006.  His responsibilities include leading content stewardship services that support the life cycle of scholarly production, including curation, publication, preservation, and special collections.  He works closely with the Penn State University Press and Information Technology Services to develop infrastructure to support these services, and he serves as a member of the Steering Committee for the Penn State Institute for CyberScience.  Furlough’s research has focused on how libraries and universities develop organizational support for emerging scholarly communication practices.  His current research project is titled “Fit for Purpose: Developing Business Cases for New Services in Research Libraries,” which is sponsored by the Council on Library and Information Resources, and which was just published by MediaCommons Press. He has served as one of the faculty for the Duraspace/ARL/DLF E-Science Institute in both 2011 and 2012, collaborating in the development of its curriculum. Prior to joining Penn State he worked at the University of Virginia Library he led the GeoStat lab, initiating support for GIS in digital humanities research, and later led planning and development of the Scholar’s Lab.

David Minor

Advising Faculty

David Minor works at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where he has a joint appointment between the UCSD Libraries and the San Diego Supercomputer Center. His main focus is in digital preservation and curation. He is the manager of Chronopolis, a national-scale digital preservation network. He also is a lead on the Research Cyberinfrastructure Initiative on the UCSD campus. In addition, He has co-authored a number of papers in digital preservation and presented at numerous conferences. He has a BA in philosophy from Carleton College, Northfield, MN, and an MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to working at UCSD he held various technical positions in the private sector and at a number of educational institutions.

Jake Carlson

Faculty Emeritus

Jake Carlson is a Data Services Specialist at the Purdue University Libraries. In this role, he explores the application of the theories, principles, and practices of library science beyond the domain of traditional "library work." In particular, Carlson seeks to increase the Libraries' capabilities and opportunities to work in data-related research. Much of his work is done through direct collaborations and partnerships with research faculty. Carlson is one of the architects of the Data Curation Profile tool developed by Purdue and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Chuck Humphrey

Faculty Emeritus

Charles (Chuck) Humphrey has been the Head of the Data Library at the University of Alberta since 1992 and has been the Academic Director of the Alberta Research Data Centre since 2000.  Over his career, he has worked on several regional, national, and international initiatives to increase access to data for teaching and research.  This includes serving on Canadian data initiatives, such as the National Data Archive Consultation, the National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data, the Data Liberation Initiative, and the Canadian Digital Information Strategy.  Internationally, he has represented Canada in the International Data Forum and the OECD Global Science Forum for Data and Research Infrastructure for the Social Sciences.  He was a member of the Association of Research Libraries Joint Task Force on Library Support for e-Science and contributed to the publication, “To Stand the Test of Time Long-term Stewardship of Digital Data Sets in Science and Engineering.”  He was a principal in recently establishing the Canadian Polar Data Network, which emerged as a cross-sector, mulit-institution distributed preservation service out of the Canadian International Polar Year.

Nancy Y. McGovern

Faculty Emeritus

Nancy Y. McGovern was one of the original faculty members who helped shape the Institute. Nancy is the Digital Preservation Officer (DPO) and a Research Assistant Professor at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), a social science data archive that was established in 1962 at the University of Michigan. Her responsibilities as the DPO include developing and promulgating policies that reflect prevailing standards and practice in the digital preservation community, and developing appropriate preservation strategies for the expanding range of social science digital content ICPSR collects. Her research interests include the organizational infrastructure for digital preservation and the means for the digital preservation community to continually respond to the preservation opportunities and challenges of evolving technology. She has almost 25 years of experience with the preservation of digital content, including a decade working on electronic records at the US National Archives. She completed her PhD on technology responsiveness for the digital preservation community at University College London in 2009. She was designated a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) in 2009 and a Digital Preservation Pioneer by NDIIPP in 2010.

Chris Shaffer

Faculty Emeritus

Chris Shaffer has been University Librarian at Oregon Health & Science University since 2008. His previous position was Assistant Director for Technology and Outreach at the University of Iowa Hardin Library for the Health Sciences. At both institutions, he has worked with research offices and Clinical and Translational Science Centers to develop new library services for researchers. Chris was co-site PI for The eagle-i Consortium, led by Harvard University, which is developing a national biomedical research resource discovery network. At OHSU, he established the Ontology Development Group, which is reusing and developing sharable ontologies and developing curation practices and procedures. Chris is an active member of the Medical Library Association and a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals. His other past positions include Technology Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Greater Midwest Region, and Resident Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Texas A&M University and an MS in Information Science from the University of North Texas.

MacKenzie Smith

Faculty Emeritus

MacKenzie Smith is the University Librarian at the University of California, Davis. She is a senior academic library leader with particular expertise in digital libraries and archives, online information and knowledge management, and e-science data curation and governance. She was formerly Associate Director for Technology and Research Director with the MIT Libraries, overseeing their technology strategy, research and development program, and technological systems and services. She was the Project Director for MIT’s collaboration with Hewlett-Packard to build DSpace, the open source digital archive platform now in widespread use, and has led many other research projects that advanced the international digital library agenda. She is also a Science Fellow with Creative Commons, working on issues related to research data governance (policy and the technical implementation of policy). Prior to MIT, MacKenzie managed the Harvard University Library’s Digital Library Program, and held various IT positions in the libraries at Harvard and the University of Chicago, and consulted widely to the library, publishing, and technology industries on digital library collections, standards, technology, and governance. MacKenzie holds an MLS degree from the University of Chicago, and a BA from the University of Washington.