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Fliers and Brochures

DuraSpace has materials and display items to share with audiences who are interested in finding out more about the organizations and it's open source software platforms. Please feel free to download and distribute the following materials or contact us if you would like additional sizes or print formats.

DuraSpace Profile

Download (8.96 MB pdf file)

Product Brochures

The DSpace, DuraCloud, and Fedora 3-gatefold product brochures provide an overview description of each technology along with examples of how these technologies are being used by organizations and institutions.

Download (1.4MB pdf file)

Download (1.3MB pdf file

Download (659KB pdf file)


Download VIVO flyer (752KB pdf file)

Download Web Services flyer (200KB pdf file)


The DuraSpace and DSpace stickers are great items to hand out at meetings, conferences, and other events.

Download (5.17MB pdf file)

Download (0.3MB pdf file)

Tabletop Display

The DuraSpace tabletop display is perfect for events where display space is hard to come by. Printing does not work off of a standard printer and is designed for a specific kind of tabletop stand-up display.

Download (67MB tif file)

Download (2.2MB pdf file)