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About the DuraSpace Incubator Program

DuraSpace has launched an incubator program for the benefit of select open source projects that wish to become part of our organization, in the interest of helping them to become sustainable, community-driven projects.  Association with DuraSpace will relieve projects of the burden and overhead of setting up their own not-for-profit organization.  By taking advantage of the DuraSpace "umbrella," projects will minimize start-up and administrative costs and will share our experience and expertise supporting open source communities.

From time to time DuraSpace becomes aware of open source software projects in the preservation, archiving, or open access space that are in search of a community “home”. The motivation might be that the project would like to develop a more robust community of committers, users, and service providers; or that in the transition away from initial grant funding, it would like to take advantage of an existing and compatible organization's infrastructure rather than create a new one of its own.

DuraSpace is now prepared to leverage its resources, experience, and reputation in the community to help these projects become or continue to be successful.

Open source projects receive a number of umbrella services from DuraSpace in the areas of strategic planning and executive leadership; technology leadership and best practices; community development, fundraising, and governance; marketing and communications; business development; and administrative support.  Projects work with DuraSpace to develop a preliminary business plan identifying the level of services they will require from DuraSpace, the staffing level they hope to start out with internally and then maintain over time, along with a funding plan for supporting the project at these levels.

Once start-up funding is obtained, the project enters incubation and progress is reviewed periodically.  To emerge from incubation as an official DuraSpace project, the project is expected to meet a number of criteria in several categories including governance, legal and licensing, community development, infrastructure, alignment, and sustainability.

For more information about the DuraSpace Incubator please send email to