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Managing Digital Collections Survey Results Summary

About the Report

Beginning in December 2013, the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization began collaborating with The Bishoff Group in order to gain a better understanding of the status of digital content creation, management, and preservation activities underway in the non-ARL academic library community as well as to determine how DuraSpace’s open source projects and services could (better) meet the needs of this community. As part of the work, DuraSpace commissioned The Bishoff Group to conduct a Managing Digital Collections Survey of non-ARL academic libraries.


The purpose of the survey was to collect information that better guaged the level of adoption and use of digital content, institutional repository/digital repository software, staffing and financial resources dedicated to digital content collection, organization, and management, as well as digital preservation practices and policies. The survey was conducted from March 25-April 18, 2014. Respondents included 145 institutions across all types of academic libraries comprising two- and four-year colleges, masters, and doctorate granting universities.

Download the full report here.