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Which organizations use DuraSpace open technologies?

DuraSpace open technologies power more than 1,200 repository implementations in over 90 countries worldwide that house a wide variety of significant digital resources of all kinds. DuraSpace hosts registries on the DSpace and Fedora web sites to help users discover more about who is using our software and what they are using it for:

The following types of organizations are key DSpace and Fedora users:

  • University Libraries: University Libraries have shown notable interest in DuraCloud as a replication solution, and are especially intrigued with the integration of DSpace and Fedora repositories with DuraCloud. The scenario presents libraries with a solution that creates a hybrid architecture including institutional systems and the cloud.
  • University IT: The opportunity is ripe to target DuraCloud at University IT organizations. We have given several presentations to University CIOs, which have generated interest in the DuraCloud proposition. There are also early discussions about a possible pilot with Microsoft, DuraCloud, and University CIO organizations. We currently have engaged the Thanos partners to do market research by interviewing key University CIOs on their needs and reactions to DuraCloud. Preliminary data from Thanos indicates that University CIOs report being out capacity and are looking for secondary storage solutions for low risk content. Also, CIOs are validating the need for brokers to cloud solutions (like DuraCloud).
  • Pubic Broadcasting: We have been exploring a DuraCloud pilot with WGBH and have gleaned from our discussions with them that the public broadcasting community, in general, is interested in open source and may be a market opportunity for DuraCloud. We will further explore this market area.
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations: We believe DuraCloud will be attractive to a variety of small institutions and not-for-profit organizations that are constrained both in IT infrastructure and staff. Particularly for institutions that are aware of the need to address digital preservation in some form, DuraCloud can provide an "instant infrastructure" at low cost, and services that they would not have resources to develop themselves. We will further explore this market area.
  • Government: In terms of our new DuraCloud product, we are looking to both serve our existing markets and to expand our market into new sectors. There are news reports about the Obama administration directing funds for government agencies using the cloud. We have already had inquiries from government organizations, including NASA's Goddard Space Center, suggesting that there may be opportunities in markets that we have not yet explored.
  • Public Institutions of Knowledge: interestingly, our first two pilot partners are not with universities but with public institutions. NYPL and BHL (Smithsonian and Missouri Botanical Gardens) have shown particularly high enthusiasm and interest in innovation with the cloud.

Those 1,200 repository implementations, however, only account for just 3% of the total yearly downloads of DSpace and Fedora. Corporations, consultants and independent IT contractors also download and use DSpace and Fedora software.


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