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Are there plans for integrating the DSpace application with the Fedora repository platform?

For some time there has been interest expressed among DuraSpace communities in having Fedora act as either a robust storage layer or archive layer behind the DSpace application while maintaining the out-of-the-box DSpace experience including workflows, and look and feel. There is work underway than may eventually enable the option to run the DSpace application on top of a Fedora repository. To achieve this requires a series of developments:

  • A way to extract the items from DSpace's current internal store, along with all of their relationships (communities, collections, and Epeople). DuraSpace is currently developing this as a general, roundtripping AIP capability for DSpace.
  • An implementation of the DSpace data model using the Fedora repository. There is prior art (which would need to be updated) for this from 2008 and 2009.
  • A conversion, crosswalking, or import utility for the above two items. There is neither a schedule nor a committment for this yet.
  • Designing an integration of the DSpace business logic, User authentication and authorization with Fedora. This is no schedule or committment for this yet.
  • Porting the DSpace user, administrative, and web services interface applications to run against the resulting environment. There is no schedule or committment for this yet.

Not all of these steps need to be complete for some models of operation involving running DSpace and Fedora as distinct, cooperating applications.

Also see DSpace-Fedora Integration FAQ for a more DSpace-specific Integration FAQ.

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