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Solution Communities

DuraSpace Solution Communities are formed by members of the larger community around a particular area of interest for which repository-based applications could be built. We at DuraSpace see these communities as relevant to our mission of ensuring the durability of digital information in all use cases, and we encourage participation whether or not members are using DuraSpace software technologies.

The popular mythology in the open source movement, fed both by wishful thinking and media hype, implies that the software is developed by bands of fervently engaged software developers, working like Santa's elves, magically making it all happen. Nothing could be further from the truth. Interesting prototypes, experimental systems and new directions often do emerge as a result of ad hoc and creative collaborations. Mature, well-tested, production-ready, open source software and best practices, however, are methodically developed and tracked by professionals who are also stakeholders in the project’s success.

The DuraSpace's Solution Communities program is aimed at directly engaging technically-aware managers and technical practitioners in the open source process so that they have a direct role in defining the mission for the software development. The goal is to bring communities of interested people together around specific use cases that are important to their organizations, to share information and get to know each other. In this way, Solution Communities develop the level of trust that makes collaboration possible. Please visit the wiki for more information.

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