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Using the DuraCloud service to archive content in Glacier

Using the DuraCloud Service to archive content in Glacier.

Michele Kimpton, CEO DuraSpace, Bill Branan, Senior Tech Lead DuraCloud, Tim Harder, Business Development Manager, Amazon Watch the recording
Tales from the Cloud

Presentations at Events - DLF Fall Forum, November 2012


Ryan Steans, Senior Program Coordinator, Texas Digital Library Watch the recording
Integrating Fedora with DuraCloud

This webinar details the Fedora CloudSync utility and how to integrate a Fedora ( repository with the DuraCloud managed software and service (

Chris Wilper, Fedora Technical Lead and Developer
Integrating DSpace with DuraCloud

A webinar detailing the new DSpace replication task suite and how to integrate a DSpace ( repository with the DuraCloud hosted software and service (

Tim Donohue, DSpace Technical Lead and Developer
A Technical Overview of DuraCloud

Interested in learning more about the technical architecture of DuraCloud? Curious about how it runs in the cloud? This presentation details the technical underpinnings of DuraCloud.

Bill Branan, DuraCloud Lead Developer, DuraSpace Watch the recording
DuraCloud Archiving & Preservation Webinar

A web event detailing how DuraCloud can be part of your preservation and archiving solution.

Michele Kimpton, CEO DuraSpace, Bryan Beecher, Director, ICPSR Watch the recording
Introduction to DuraCloud
Michele Kimpton, Project Director; Carissa Smith, Partner Specialist Watch the recording
Islandora–Foundation of a Rich Repository Ecosystem
Mark Leggott, University Librarian/Project Lead-UPEI, President and CEO DiscoveryGarden INC. PDF icon Islandora.pdf
Open Source: What is It?

A discussion of the advantages, risks, and rewards of Open Source.

Jonathan Markow, Chief Strategy Officer Watch the recording
Fedora Basics for Developers
Thorny Staples