DSpace User Registry

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Institution/Company Countrysort descending Type of Institution DSpace Version Site
University of Bouira Algeria academic 1.7.x
CERIST Algeria academic 3.x
Qafqaz University Azerbaijan academic 1.5.x
East West University Bangladesh academic 3.x
Faculdades Senai Brazil academic 1.6.x
Instituto de educacao superior Anisio Teixeira Brazil academic 1.3.x and earlier
Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia Colombia other Unknown
Universidad Nacional de Loja Ecuador academic 3.x
Madda Walabu University Ethiopia academic 6.x
Madda Walabu University Ethiopia academic 6.x
Forschungsstelle fur Energiewirtschaft e.V. Germany academic 1.5.x
Daphne Systems Private Limited India research center 1.3.x and earlier
IITBombay India research center 1.5.x
Irisidea India commercial 1.7.x
Kapila Khandvala College of Education India academic 1.3.x and earlier
R. K. College of Engineering & Technology India academic 1.6.x
UIET , Chandigarh India academic 1.6.x
University Institute of Engineering and Technology India government 1.6.x
Veltech University India academic 1.6.x
Alliance B School India academic 1.4.x