DSpace User Registry

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Institution/Company Countrysort descending Type of Institution DSpace Version Site
Home Vietnam personal 4.x
Baria - Vungtau University Vietnam academic 5.x
Tan Tao University Vietnam academic 4.x
Library of Duy Tan University Vietnam academic 3.x
Danang University Of Education Vietnam academic 4.x
Information & library center of Dong Nai University Vietnam academic 5.x
Đại học Nông Lâm TPHCM Vietnam archive / public library Unknown
An Giang University Vietnam academic
Ashui.com Vietnam archive / public library 1.7.x
CanTho university - LRC Vietnam academic 1.5.x
dai hoc quoc gia ha noi Vietnam personal 1.6.x
Haiphong Private University Vietnam nonprofit 1.8.x
Hanoi Architecture University Vietnam academic 1.7.x
National University of Ho Chi Minh Vietnam national library 1.4.x
NHNo Vietnam academic 1.4.x
NTTU Vietnam research center 1.7.x
The HCM city University of Technical Education Vietnam academic 1.7.x
University of Dalat Vietnam academic 4.x
VBETA Buddhist Vietnam nonprofit 1.5.x
VietMySofty Vietnam other