DSpace User Registry

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Institution/Company Countrysort descending Type of Institution DSpace Version Site
Université M'hamed Bougara of Boumerdes Algeria academic 1.4.x
Baker IDI Research Online Australia 1.4.x
Education Services Australia Australia nonprofit 1.4.x
ICDDR,B Bangladesh nonprofit 1.4.x
ATN e-shop Bangladesh academic 1.4.x
Universite Libre de Bruxelles Belgium academic 1.4.x
Universiteit Hasselt Belgium academic 1.4.x
University College West Flanders Belgium academic 1.4.x
Belgium PoisonCentre Belgium nonprofit 1.4.x
UNIPOL Bolivia government 1.4.x
Universidade Catolica de Brasilia Brazil academic 1.4.x
Acao Educativa Brazil nonprofit 1.4.x
University of Buea Library Cameroon academic 1.4.x
Queen's University Library Canada academic 1.4.x
Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec Canada national library 1.4.x
Zhongshan Institute China academic 1.4.x
Shanghai Industry & Technology Information, ISTIS China academic 1.4.x
Mechanics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences China academic 1.4.x
National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Scien China academic 1.4.x
Instituto Humboldt Colombia research center 1.4.x