DSpace User Registry

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Institution/Company Country Type of Institution DSpace Version Site
Creighton University, CDR United States academic 3.x
Cultural, Artistic, and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access, and Retrieval (CASPAR) United Kingdom research center
Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus academic 1.5.x
Daffodil International University Bangladesh academic 1.8.x
dai hoc quoc gia ha noi Vietnam personal 1.6.x
Dalhousie University Canada academic 1.8.x
Damascus University Syrian Arab Republic academic 1.7.x
Daniel Altamirano Ecuador nonprofit 1.4.x
Danube University, Krems, MediaArtHistoriesArchive Austria academic 1.3.x and earlier
Daphne Systems Private Limited India research center 1.3.x and earlier
Datta Meghe Institute of Engg.,Tech & Research India academic 1.7.x
De Montfort University United Kingdom academic 4.x
dentaquest India nonprofit 1.6.x
Department of Library Science India academic 1.5.x
Department of Science and Technology Philippines government
Deutsche Zentralbibliothek fur Wirtschaftswissenschaften Germany national library 1.4.x
Dhananjayarao Gadigil Library India archive / public library
Digital Online Repository and Information System Germany government
Direccion General De Divulgacion De La Ciencia Mexico academic 1.3.x and earlier
Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway Norway academic