DSpace User Registry

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Institution/Company Country Type of Institution DSpace Version Site
Asia University Taiwan academic
Asian Institute of Technology Thailand academic
Assynt Community Association United Kingdom other 4.x
Ateneo de Manila High School Philippines academic 3.x
Athabasca University Canada academic 1.6.x
Athens Information Technology Greece research center 1.5.x
ATN e-shop Bangladesh academic 1.4.x
Auburn University United States academic 3.x
Australian Government, Defence Science Technology Organisation Australia government 1.7.x
Australian National University Australia academic 4.x
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Org Australia government 1.5.x
AUT University New Zealand academic 5.x
Autonoma Virtua - Biblioteca Digital Brazil academic
Autoridad Nacional del Agua Peru government 5.x
Erudit Consortium Canada academic Unknown
B N M INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY India academic 1.5.x
Bahria University Islamabad Pakistan academic 1.7.x
Ball State University Libraries United States academic 5.x
Bangabondhu Shekh Mujib Medical University India academic
Bangalore Management Academy India academic