DSpace User Registry

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Institution/Company Countrysort descending Type of Institution DSpace Version Site
California State Univeristy, San Marcos United States academic 3.x
Texas A&M University, OAKTrust United States academic 1.5.x
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, DRYAD United States research center 1.6.x
Universidad de la República Uruguay academic 4.x
AECID Uruguay government 1.5.x
Universidad ORT Uruguay Uruguay academic 5.x
Agencia Espanola de Cooperacion Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) Uruguay government 1.5.x
Universidad Catolica del Uruguay Uruguay academic 1.5.x
Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL) Venezuela academic 4.x
CAF Development Bank of Latin America, Banco de desarrollo de América Latina Venezuela research center Unknown
Universidad Simon Bolivar Venezuela academic
Universidad de Carabobo Venezuela academic 1.8.x
Universidad Central de Venezuela Venezuela academic Unknown
Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda Venezuela academic 5.x
Museo de Ciencias de Caracas Venezuela museum / gallery 5.x
Universidad Central de Venezuela Venezuela academic 1.7.x
Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Seguridad Venezuela academic 4.x
Universidad Catolica Andres Bello Venezuela academic 1.7.x
Universidad de Los Andes Venezuela academic
Universidad Nacional Experimental Sur del Lago Venezuela personal 1.3.x and earlier