DSpace User Registry

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Institution/Company Country Type of Institution DSpace Versionsort descending Site
Aletheia University Taiwan academic
Ciencias Agrarias Repositorio Eletronico Brazil research center
Halmstad University Sweden academic
Hokkaido University Japan academic
Instituto Antonio Carlos Jobim Brazil personal
InterSalud Spain other
Joetsu University of Education Japan academic
Kochi University Japan academic
Kyoto University of Education Japan academic
Mingdao University Taiwan academic
National Cheng Kung University Taiwan academic
National University of Kaohsiung Taiwan academic
Niigata University Japan academic
Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth United Kingdom museum / gallery
Srinaharinwirot University Thailand academic
Transilvania University of Brasov Romania academic
University of Chicago United States academic
Yildiz Technical University Turkey academic
Aichi Univeristy of Education Japan academic
Archives Centre Ltd Estonia commercial