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Evviva Weinraub is the Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies at Northwestern University where she provides leadership and advocacy for Information Technology, Digital Initiatives, Repository and Digitization Services, Metadata and Resource Discovery, User Experience, and Access Services including oversight of the branch libraries. In addition, she serves as the co-Director of the Avalon Project.

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Kaitlin Thaney helps mission-driven organizations think strategically about program design, participatory engagement and sustainability. She's currently the Endowment Director for the Wikimedia Foundation, a permanent fund to sustain Wikipedia and its sister projects in perpetuity. Prior to joining Wikimedia, Thaney served as the Director of Mozilla Leadership Networks at the Mozilla Foundation, overseeing community-based programs in science, learning, advocacy, Internet of Things, and women and web literacy.

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Dr. Wolfram Horstmann is the Director of the Göttingen State and University Library and University Librarian of the University of Göttingen and teaches as professor in the iSchool at the Humboldt University of Berlin. He is an executive member and Chair of the Steering Group on Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructure for the European Research Library Association LIBER, active in the Research Data Alliance (RDA), leads the German consortium of the European Digital Infrastructure for the Humanities DARIAH and is scientific coordinator for the Open Access initiative OpenAIRE.

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Robert is Associate Vice President for Digital Programs and Technology Services for Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. His interest in Fedora Repository development is informed by his accomplishments at Columbia Libraries/Information Services, which include development of a digital preservation storage system, the opening of three new digital centers, as well as a Blacklight-based CLIO (Columbia Libraries Information Online) discovery service. He was formerly Director of the Library Information Technology Office at Columbia.

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Amy Brand is the VP Academic and Research Relations and VP North America for Digital Science, a division of Holtzbrinck that invests in and incubates academic start-ups that provide research information software. She joined Digital Science in 2014 as VP Academic and Research Relations and VP North America to manage the US offices and develop commercial, policy, and research relationships with North American research institutions.

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Dr. Conlon is Co-director of the University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and Director of Biomedical Informatics, UF College of Medicine. His responsibilities include expansion and integration of research and clinical resources, and strategic planning for translational research. Previously, Dr. Conlon served as PI of the VIVO project, leading a team of 180 investigators at seven schools in the development, implementation and advancement of an open source, semantic web application for research discovery. Dr.

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President, DuraSpace Board of Directors

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Treasurer, DuraSpace Board of Directors

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Secretary, DuraSpace Board of Directors

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Anne Jarvis is the University Librarian at Princeton University. She spent seven years as the University Librarian at Cambridge University. Anne is a Leading Change (Frye Leadership) Institute Fellow (2000) and a former Vice-President (2005-2007) of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

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