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With thanks to Jerry Pan, ESDORA Principle Investigator, and Joe Velaidum, Vice-President Discovery Garden for assistance in preparing this blog post.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-04-13 14:00

Rome, Italy E-LIS, an international Open Archive for Library and Information Science (LIS), has migrated the contents of its Open Access repository to a DSpace instance. AePIC CILEA (Consorzio Interuniversitario Lombardo per L'Elaborazione Automatica), a DuraSpace Registered Service Provider,  is hosting and maintaining E-LIS as a courtesy.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-04-12 12:50

Ithaca, NY The focus of DuraCloud 0.9 Open Source release, scheduled for the end of April 2011, is simplification and improvement of the bulk services currently available. Bulk services are those that run over large amounts of data including bit integrity checking, image conversion, and duplicating content from one storage provider to another. Highlights include:


Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-04-08 12:59

Washington, DC If you "like" digital preservation and archiving please participate in the Library of Congress' National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIIPP) Facebook page at:

Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-04-07 13:00

Ithaca, NY  DuraSpace is pleased to announce eight new members of the DSpace community group, the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT).

Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-04-05 11:36

From Kirsta Stapelfeldt, MA, MLIS, Islandora Project/Repository Manager, Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada The Islandora project announces an RC1 candidate for our Q1 2011 release. We invite the community to download and help us test this candidate in anticipation of our full release.

Highlights: RC1 introduces a new solution pack architecture, which allows for simplified content model installation. We have also added a tabs-based UI for content models.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-04-01 16:50

Today we’d like to announce the official release of DSpace 1.7.1!

DSpace 1.7.1 is a bug-fix release of DSpace. This latest update resolves several key issues, along with a medium-level SECURITY ISSUE in our 1.7.0 release. DSpace 1.7.1 does not introduce any new features, it just resolves issues found in 1.7.0.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-03-31 12:18

Ithaca, NY Calling all students, Google Summer of Code 2011 Applications are due by April 8!

(Professors, please share this with your students! Librarians, please forward to both professors and students!)


Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-03-31 12:15

From Bram Luyten, @mire

Ithaca, NY  DSpace is a turnkey institutional repository application that is characterized as "out-of-the-box" repository software. What does that mean with regard to adding specific customizations and workflows and deploying a production DSpace repository? Requirements for a particular installation, a feature or specialized functionality might seem simple, but could have big implications for the amount of coding work required. This also works vice-versa, some customizations are less work intensive than they seem.

Submitted by Anonymous on 2011-03-25 15:45