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What's the Right Cloud Service for Me

Repository Basic Use Case Key Requirements Examples
Use DuraCloud when ... You want an open source solution for archiving or preserving digital scholarly data or resources in a persistent, secure, replicable cloud storage facility.
  • Open source
  • Web-accessible
  • Manages any type of content or metadata
  • Regular bit integrity checks
  • Chronopolis integration
  • Any-time data access
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer support
Use ArchivesDirect when ... You need a low-cost, hosted service for creating standards-based digital preservation content packages that are automatically archived in secure long-term storage.
  • Open source
  • Web-accessible
  • Manages any type of archival content or metadata
  • Regular bit integrity checks
  • Any-time data access
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer support
Use DSpaceDirect when... You would like a low-cost, efficient, hosted and secure repository for large or small amounts of institutional data or one-off collections that do not require specialized technical infrastructure or expertise.
  • Open source
  • "Communities" and "collections" structure
  • Built-in user interface
  • OAI compliant
  • Large, global, installed user base
  • User community support
  • Excellent customer support



Repository Used Example Sites
DuraCloud Goucher College 
Goucher College's history on women’s education through documents, yearbooks, photographs, catalogs, and newsletters has been preserved with DuraCloud. Utilizing more than a terabyte of storage for nearly 40,000 files, DuraCloud is an integral part of their preservation process: DuraCloud runs in the background, performing checksums and synchronizing files daily, and items are added continuously and immediately available when needed. The process is so seamless that Goucher added a terabyte of storage half-way through their annual subscription in order to continue to store additional digital holdings.
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) 
ICPSR, an international consortium of about 700 academic institutions and research organizations which house the largest archive of social science data (500,000+ files) in the world, uses DuraCloud to ensure that sox terabytes of enhanced and raw ICPSR historical political and social science data are available far into the future.
University of Scranton 
The University of Scranton uses DuraCloud as backup and storage for nearly 300,000 digitized and born digital files with more than 2 terabytes of digital content under management. Scranton also takes advantage of DuraCloud’s integration with the subscription web archiving service Archive-It, allowing them to automatically back up archived copies of the University’s web sites in DuraCloud.
ArchivesDirect Archivematica installations 
The ArchivesDirect service is Archivematica plus DuraCloud which together provide a "soup to nuts" preservation and archiving system for institutions and organizations that require a one-stop solution. ArchivesDirect can provide preservation of digital preservation content packages along with long-term bit integrity-level management through a single web interface.
DSpaceDirect Bennington College: Crossett Library Digital Repository 
Bennington is a small undergraduate liberal arts college. Bennington’s Crossett Library requires an economical solution with technical support for storing and making student's electronic theses and dissertations accessible. The college also has a collection of scanned high quality images and film that they wished to preserve in an IR. DSpaceDirect made is possible for a small staff without an archivist to make their modern dance history digital archive available to external audiences through a web-accessible, no-maintenance, hosted DSpace repository.
University of Illinois: American Library Association Archives 
ALAIR documents the history of the American Library Association and Librarianship. This ALA DSpaceDirect digital institutional repository provides an open access repository committed to collecting, permanently storing, and providing digital access to the publications and intellectual work of the American Library Association. The basic DSpace “communities and collections” architecture allows content to be aggregated based on the structure of ALA’s constituent associations, divisions, committees, and other groups. A key factor in choosing DSpaceDirect was that previously there was no self-archiving option available to ALA members for key organizational content.
The National Children's Advocacy Center's Child Abuse Library Online CALiO™ 
CALiO's well-used collections are managed in an institutional repository hosted by DSpaceDirect and currently contains more than 1,600 records linking to print documents and audio/visual items, growing at a rate of about 50-100 per month.